To deliver, promote, and encourage comprehensive hockey development for all players.


  • Positive, inclusive coaching
  • Friendly competition
  • A dynamic hockey experience for players, coaches & parents


It all started 20 years ago. The Inaugural season of the Bauer 3on3 Youth Hockey League was first played on a clean, sleek, frozen
sheet of ice at our legendary Canlan Ice Sports Oakville location. The 3on3 format was just taking shape in Ontario, and young hockey players were eager to try a faster-paced version of the game they loved. The off-season was the perfect time for more creativity and less pressure; to hone their skills and play with whom they wanted – unrestricted by invisible lines on a map.

Two years after the inaugural season, the Bauer 3on3 Hockey League soared in popularity as the league grew nationally across Canada and eventually the United States.

Fast-forward to today.

Now, with over 12,000 players nationally, the Bauer 3on3 Youth Hockey League is arguably the largest youth 3on3 league in the world!

For more than two decades, we’ve watched kids grow and develop their skills and character in our league, and are humbled by knowing we’ve played a part in their success as hockey players and human beings.

We could easily boast about the myriad of players who’ve played in our leagues and moved onto Elite levels such as the AHL or NHL (as well as a shamelessly name drop here and there) but that is not the measure of our success.

Our contribution to the international hockey community is the positive hockey experience and pure enjoyment of the game we offer. 20 years of running this league well enough to see players now returning as adults with their own children has proven that our league has come full circle.

This is our legacy.

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